Bushwick Self Tapes is the first and only self tape studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Owner, Emma Orelove, is a Brooklyn-based Actor and Filmmaker. In the height of the pandemic, she discovered the importance of having a really solid self tape set up, and went on to book 34 On-camera jobs from 2020-early 2022. Understanding that self taping can be uncomfortable and awkward, she wants to get YOU as excited and prepared for your self tapes as she became for hers. Never wanting to take advantage of actors, she offers the most competitive rates in NYC/Brooklyn.

Set up in a basement, you won't have to deal with unwanted sounds of sirens, upstairs neighbors, or any of those pleasant Brooklyn outdoor distractions. And with enough depth in the space, those full body slates will no longer make you cringe!

All of your self tapes come with Emma as your reader and coaching, should you want it, included in the price.

What you get:
*light editing with your ready-to-send files sent to you via WeTransfer
*a gray and blue paper backdrop
*3 point lighting: a Godox SL-60W LED Soft Box key light & 2 Neewer 700W Soft Boxes
*a Movo VXR10 Shotgun Mic, so you don't have to deal with lav mic wires
*an Iphone 13 Pro on a tripod shooting in 4K
*a chair and a barstool
*your own private bathroom
*access to a printer if you need to print your sides (for a small fee)

Looking forward to working with you and getting you some jobs! 
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